At Revamp Definition, we take our time and lovingly create products that will thrill our customers. We work on your old footwear and after we have woven our magic on them, present them to you looking brand new. We also sell brand new revamp footwear. Our Revamp Definition jewelry and accessories are a sight to behold. The colors are refreshing and you would definitely want to own some of them. Add a touch of class and uniqueness with our Revamp Definition notebooks. They are fully customized based on the customer's preference and instructions. Dare to be different and spice up your overall look with our other Revamp Definition products such as Ipad covers, bags, wallets, belts, clothes etc.

With our love for ethnic fabric such as ankara, damask, adire etc, we create masterpieces. Seeing the incredulous looks on the faces of our customers when they behold their revamped products always brings a smile to our faces. Our customers tastes and preference are of utmost importance to us and because they are our first priority, we always aim to satisfy them. With our keen attention to detail, you can be rest assured of getting quality products.

We organize training on Basic Fashion Jewelry & Accessories. Notification would be put on the homepage prior to the training date.

  • To have a Revamp Definition product in every home across the globe.
  • To be the first choice in the minds of people when they need to revamp an item.
  • To establish a warm relationship with our customers and transcend from been customers to friends and family.

To provide the highest quality products and services. To be readily accessible and deliver promptly. We look beyond the ordinary and see the beauty in everything. Using ethnic fabrics, we aim to bring such beauty to the forefront. We also aim to reduce waste by recycling used shoes and transforming them to WOW products. We hope to reduce unemployment by equipping people with skills such as these and also giving motivational talks. 

  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honesty


  1. Nice work Che! This is a much needed initiative. More grease to your elbows!